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Fox reveals Official Synopsis of Pitch episode Wear It

Fox has released the Official Synopsis of Pitch episode “Wear It” (1.06) that will be aired on Thursday, November 3 at 09:00-10:00 PM.



Upon signing a huge deal with Nike, Ginny feels an overwhelming sense of pressure, which leads to a night of rebellion and a mandatory session with a therapist (Rita Wilson).

“Pitch” is starring Kylie Bunbury as Ginny Baker, Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Mike Lawson, Ali Larter as Amelia Slater, Mo McRae as Blip Sanders, Mark Consuelos as Oscar Arguella, Dan Lauria as Al Luongo, Meagan Holder as Evelyn Sanders and Tim Jo as Eliot.

Guest cast are Rita Wilson as Andrea Barton, Napiera Groves as Wanda, Gabrielle Bourne as Tina, Kevin Connolly as Charlie Graham, Lyndsy Fonseca as Cara, Nida Khurshid as Ana, Joanna Garcia Swisher as Rachel Patrick, Jay Ali as David, Ajay Vidure as Dinner Guest.


In Pitch, a beautiful, tough and gifted athlete, Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury) is vaulted into instant fame when she’s called up by the San Diego Padres to make her Major League debut. All eyes are on her as she is the top news story of the day, making history as the first woman to pitch…and play in the Major Leagues.

PITCH is a production of 20th Century Fox Television. Dan Fogelman and Rick Singer are co-creators and executive producers of the series. Emmy Award winner Kevin Falls, Academy Award winner Tony Bill, Helen Bartlett and Jess Rosenthal are also executive producers. Emmy Award winner Paris Barclay serves as director and executive producer.

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