CBS Entertainment has released the Official Synopsis of MacGyver episode “K9 + Smugglers + New Recruit” (3.15) that will be aired on Friday, February 15 at 08:00-09:00 PM.


After a surprising introduction to Phoenix’s newest recruit, Desi (Levy Tran), MacGyver and team are assigned to escort and protect an ATF (alcohol, tobacco, firearms) gun-sniffing dog who has a bounty on his head, only to discover they’re not the only ones crashing the weapon drop.

MacGyver - S03E15 - Preview

“MacGyver” is starring Lucas Till (Angus “Mac” MacGyver), George Eads (Jack Dalton), Tristin May (Riley Davis), Justin Hires (Wilt Bozer) and Meredith Eaton (Matty).

Recurring Cast are Reign Edwards (Leanne), Levy Tran (Desi).

Guest Cast are Presilah Nunez (ATF Mario Satio), Ryan Czerwonko (Lead Smuggler), Tahj Vaughans (Smuggler # 1), Michel Curiel (Smuggler # 2), Ashlee Heath (Mom), David Vaughn (Dad),Kinsley Isla Dillon (Little Girl), Bid Syed (Afghan Father), Juju Syed (Afghan Mother), Bilal Syed (Afghan Son).


Following a 20-something MacGyver as he creates a clandestine organization where he uses his knack for solving problems in unconventional ways to help prevent disasters from happening.

From CBS Television Studios in association with Lionsgate with Executive Producers Peter Lenkov, Henry Winkler, Lee Zlotoff, James Wan, Michael Clear and David Von Ancken

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