CBS Entertainment has released the Official Synopsis of The Code episode “Blowed Up” (1.01) that will be aired on Tuesday, April 9 at 09:00-10:00 PM.

Ato Essandoh, Dana Delany, Phillipa Soo and Raffi Barsoumian Also Star.


When a soldier in Afghanistan kills his commanding officer, Judge Advocates Capt. John “Abe” Abraham (Mitchell) and Capt. Maya Dobbins (Wood) are assigned to the case as prosecution and defense lawyers by their commanding officer, Col. Glenn Turnbull (Dana Delany).

The Code - S01E01 - Preview

“The Code” is starring Luke Mitchell (Captain John “Abe” Abraham), Anna Wood (Captain Maya Dobbins), Ato Essandoh (Major Trey Ferry), Phillipa Soo (Lieutenant Harper Li), Dana Delany (Colonel Glenn Turnbull) and Raffi Barsoumian (Warrant Officer Rami Ahmadi)

Guest Cast are Will Swenson (Capt. Jason Hunt),Justine Cotsonas (Alex Hunt), Wayne Duvall (Hermes Papademotropoulos), Evan Hall (PFC Ian Morehead), Emmanuel Brown (Corporal), Danny Johnson (Lt. Col. Wyatt Metcalf), Gage Banister (Private Guerwicz), Ruibo Qian (Lt. Jin), Mark Deklin (Commander Noah Hewitt), Daniel Oreskes (Brigadier General Coburn), Kia Joy Goodwin (Toni Poirier), Veronica Cruz (Waiter), Michael Gaston (General H.H. Carrick IV), Tawny Cypress (Col. Edina Corpus), Sean Phillips (Bailiff #1), Bobby Conte Thornton (Lt. Junior Grade Cameron Naldi), Iris Delgado (Bailiff #2).


The Code is a drama about the military’s brightest minds who tackle the toughest legal challenges facing the U.S. Marine Corps. As prosecutors, defense lawyers, and investigators, these Marines work together to serve their country with integrity while often putting aside their personal ideals for the sake of justice.

The Code is produced by CBS Television Studios with executive producers Craig Sweeny, Marc Webb, Carl Beverly, Sarah Timberman, Craig Turk and Christine Moore.

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