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CBS reveals Official Synopsis of Good Sam episode To Whom It May Concern

CBS Entertainment has released the Official Synopsis of Good Sam episode “To Whom It May Concern” (1.13) that will be aired on Wednesday, May 4 at 10:00-11:00 PM.



In the wake of Sam’s successful execution of a groundbreaking surgical technique, the battle between her and her father, Griff, takes a shocking turn that will irrevocably change their family dynamic and the future of the hospital.

“Good Sam” is starring Sophia Bush (Dr. Sam Griffith), Jason Isaacs (Dr. Rob “Griff” Griffith), Skye P. Marshall (Dr. Lex Trulie), Michael Stahl-David (Dr. Caleb Tucker), Omar Maskati (Dr. Isan M. Shah), Davi Santos (Dr. Joey Costa), Wendy Crewson (Vivian Katz), Edwin Hodge (Malcolm A. Kingsley).

Recurring Cast are Marium Carvell (Nurse Donna Williams), Stephen Tracey (Tim Davis), Travis Van Winkle (Dr. Eric Kace), Yanna McIntosh (Rhonda Glass), Evan Parke (Byron Kingsley).

Guest Cast are Pearl Sun (Nurse Opal), Gerardo Celasco (Dr. Nick Vega), Rosemary Dunsmore (Helen Fletcher), Leon Aureus (Will Marks), Samantha Walkes (Nadine), Jaimara Beals (Ellen Galette), René Escobar Jr. (Harley).

This episode is written by Jen Klein and directed by Craig Siebels.


“Good Sam” is a gifted heart surgeon who excels in her new leadership role as chief of surgery after her renowned boss falls into a coma. When her former boss wakes up months later demanding to resume his duties, Sam is tasked with supervising this egotistical expert with a scalpel who never acknowledged her stellar talent.

Produced by CBS Studios with Executive Producers Katie Wech, Jennie Snyder Urman, Joanna Klein, Frank Siracusa and John Weber;.

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