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CBS reveals Official Synopsis of NCIS: Hawai’i episode Nightwatch

CBS Entertainment has released the Official Synopsis of NCIS: Hawai’i episode “Nightwatch” (1.20) that will be aired on Monday, May 2 at 10:00-11:00 PM.


When a navy seaman is involved in a murder, the NCIS team is called to work the case on their day off. Also, Lucy finds out Whistler turned down a promotion in D.C. to stay in Hawai’i

“NCIS: Hawai’i” is starring Vanessa Lachey (Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant), Alex Tarrant (Kai Holman), Noah Mills (Jesse Boone), Yasmine Al-Bustami (Lucy Tara), Jason Antoon (Ernie Malik), Tori Anderson (Kate Whistler), Kian Talan (Alex Tennant).

Guest Cast are Mahina Napoleon (Julie Tennant), Chloe Csengery (Gracie Boone), Abraham Lim (Neil Blake), Jackson Mercado (Elliott Sacks), Caro Pampillo (Andrea), Dan Martin (Paul Johnson), Teri Wyble (Skylar), Siena Goines (Marci), Derek Phillips (Michael Curtis), Tom Lenk (Carter Dunlap), Wolf Lee Counsel (Martin).

This episode is written by Amy Rutberg and directed by Tawnia McKiernan.


In NCIS: Hawai’i, where the first female Special Agent in Charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor, Jane Tennant, has thrived and risen through the ranks by equal parts confidence and strategy in a system that has pushed back on her every step of the way. Together with her unwavering team of specialists, they balance duty to family and country while investigating high-stakes crimes involving military personnel, national security and the mysteries of the sun-drenched island paradise itself.

NCIS: Hawai’i is produced by CBS Television Studios. With Executive Producers Matt Bosack, Jan Nash and Christopher Silber.

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